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Thibaud Duchosal Thibaud is a real Goyet, a true Villaroger lad through and through. Since being a wee nipper he’s had off piste and powder fields in his sights – literally – his garden is right at the foot of the Aiguille Rouge. The rest is your classic story tale stuff. He immersed himself into slalom competitions at a young age and then worked his way up to instructor level, teaching in the Tarentaise resorts.

Passionate about sport – and being a natural at most of them too – he became fully involved. As a youngster he was swimming at international level, and then he moved onto roller hockey playing at national level. But there was one sport which stood out from the rest – "la glisse". Skiing. He tried the KL – kilometre lance, (‘flying kilometre’, of which Les Arcs has a legendary descent), as a consequence he was asked to represent the French team – as their future star. But the decision had already been made. Being surrounded, constantly, by picture perfect powder fields the choice is simple. Freeride.

At seventeen he inscripts for the Les Arcs Freeride event. Equipped as a tourist with only a pair of piste skis, he still manages to finish third place in the first heat, but then has a major wipe-out on the next run. A youthful error. He does discover the domain though – and he will come back stronger. A seed has been sown and the journey begins.

There is definitely a place for him in this adventure.

Until present the competitions haven’t bought him much luck. Injuries or falls have limited his success. A nasty hit in the eye during a roller hockey match this summer bought an orange light to the scene. Orange light for warning. It has made him view things in a different way. A more philosophical approach, also making him more respectful of ‘la glisse’.

Being on the mountain with Thibaud you are aware of his respect for his natural environment. Always being safety conscious, but knowing how to choose the best lines. Like the descent down the Face Nord on the last day of the season. No tracks. Blue skies. 3 of us and a photographer. Thibaud leading the way skilfully and gracefully down one of his favourite garden rides. His enthusiasm for the mountain in all her forms is infectious, and as he says “We should respect the mountain; it is a school of life which brings both pleasure and rigour. We have to show her respect and never underestimate her.”

Too many Sunday freeriders, keen to try out the latest tricks they’ve seen on video clips, or armed with the latest gear and gadgets, think they know it all – they jump off into the unknown with no thought of safety, for themselves or for others. Perhaps being from living at the base of a glacier Thibaud sees things for what they really are. The need to have respect and admiration for your surroundings. The mountain, a second mother figure has given him the chance to travel the world, to meet new people and communities – the mountain who enables him to reflect the different images – look at the reflection in his mask, these images fill Thibaud’s mind – mountains, mountains and mountains; waiting to be explored.
Kate Milner


1. Tell us about your earliest skiing/snowboarding memory.

It was when I was three (it's when I skied for the first time). I had little plastic skis and used them on the road beside my home.

2. Describe your daily motivation. What get you up in the morning and keeps you going during the day ?

When I think to myself that most people are in an office, no amount of money could get me to give up what I have. Skiing is my job but it remains a pleasure and the mountain is the most magnificent office in the world.

3. Name one accomplishment you are most proud of.

Travelling the world, discovering new countries and cultures while following my love of skiing.

4. Where can you be found when you’re not on the mountain ?

I love sport, so when I'm not skiing I'm out playing roller hockey with my mates or off on my bike.

5. Best ski/board advice you’ve been given? Or best ski/board advice you’ve given to someone ?

The mountain does not forgive errors so don't get carried away and respect yours surroundings.

6. Give us some insight about you upcoming plans ?

To continue my ski travels ( Eastern Europe, Northern America, China..) and try to win a event on the big mountain World Tour.

7. What is the most important thing you’ve learned during your skiing/boarding career ?

Whether you're a professional or a beginner you should never try things that are beyond your level of riding. you mustn’t take unnecessary risks, everything can change so rapidly in life. The most important thing is to enjoy what you do….



• 5th Nendaz Freeride (SWI)
• 5th Roldal Freeride Challenge (NOR)
• 11th Big Mountain Hochfugen (AUT)
• 12th Nissan Freeride Engadin St-Moritz (SWI)


• 13th Freeride World Tour
• 3rd Engadin Snow (SWI)
• 11th Nissan Tram Face (USA)
• 11th Nissan Russian Adventure (FRA)


• 6th overall ranking of Freeride World Tour
• Winner Grand Raid La Plagne (FRA)
• 3rd Nissan Russian Adventure (RUS)
• 5th Nissan Freeride de Tignes (FRA)
• 6th Nissan Xtreme de Verbier (SWI)
• 8th Engadin Snow (SWI)


• 3rd overall ranking of Freeride World Qualifying Tour
• Winner Mystic Freeride (ITA)
• Winner Grand Raid La Plagne (FRA)
• 5th Roldal Freeride Challenge (NOR)
• 6th Nissan Mammoth Quest (US)
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